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Higher Rates Of Fixed Income.

FCA U.K Regulated Products.

Increase Your Return Within A Term Of 1-5 Years.

FSCS Protection Up To £85,000.

Guaranteed Bonds For Capital Security.

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Investments Made Simple

We supply very flexible income based investments to suit all investment strategies!!

Fixed Returns

4.79% to 6.75% All returns are linked to an Index of leading investment funds.

FCA Regulated

Capital protected at final maturity date for maximum security.

Fixed Terms

Choose from 1 to 5 years Guaranteed to grow your savings.

Simple Process

Quick and easy setup buy and sell hundreds of corporate bonds.

About Us

We have fully FSCA Capital Secure Investments with variable paying dividends. Here is what you need to know about these UK Investments.
Here is what you need to know about these UK Investments.

AM Invest Services works with fully regulated companies with in the U.K giving you the best options an competitive rates available to the general public. Our comprehensive insight allows us to identify the opportunities that suit you and our exceptional service means that we smooth the pathway for the best introductions within the financial services industry. Our unique market insights means that we can offer you a wider range of products compared to a local IFA and our flexibility means that we’re available for you 24/7. We are also happy to accommodate your travel requests for consultations as required. We believe that the most successful partnerships involve listening to what you want, recognising what you need and then making the right introductions to achieve the best results. Our customer service is built on communication, transparency and integrity.

Make Your Money Work Harder For You

Designed specifically to deliver safety and stability for investors as part of a high yield fixed income strategy.Bond offers a simple and transparent short-term investment opportunity that can form an essential part of a well balanced portfolio. Benefit from secure double-digit returns in 12 months and 36 months available. AM Investment Services Will direct you to the very best regulated products in the marketplace that pay Higher rates than what is available on the high street.

Available Bonds


Minimum Investment – 20.000 Maturity Date – 12.06.2020 Dividend Payments – Bi-Annually ISIN NUM – XS0856594642 Fully FSCS Regulated.


Minimum Investment – 10.000 Maturity Date – 21.11.2020 Dividend Payments – Monthly ISIN NUM – XS0780063235 Fully FSCS Regulated.


Minimum Investment – 20.000 Maturity Date – 04.11.2020 Dividend Payments – Yearly ISIN NUM – XS0753149144 Fully FSCS Regulated.

Why are we effective?

Set up to introduce savers to the very best products which happens to be excluded from many an investors portfolio. We prefer savers and investors To pick and choose from the top of the barrel , instead of expecting to pick from the bottom , when it comes to fixed rate returns. Banks with there inhouse retail offers paying less than or just over base rate is what most savers would consider in offer. Banks will often not introduce savers to higher rated product, if (1) they can get away with offering lower rates and (2) If the products are not in-house there is no motive to introduce you to them. Banks would rather use your capital to make a decent return of 10-15% and pay feeble rates of 0.7-0.9% to the investor. Many investors look to bonds as guaranteed security away from the stockmarket, but are still aware of making sure their money is performing ahead of inflation. Investors want to make sure that time Is used effectively as time is as valuable as the benefit you receive from an investment. Getting the most for your money and time invested is vital.

There are many highly rated fixed income products paying above average rates that most savers will just not know about or have immediate access to, these income products are from various institutions which have a history of googleconsistent returns and security. AM Investment Services will show you where you can gain access to these regulated market fixed income products. Increase your return within a matter of months. You can profile your risk and timeline and pick and choose from a choice of fixed returns that suits your financial needs. Finding is resolved for those who search, enter your contact details now and receive our information on access to regulated fixed income bonds paying from 4% – 7% upwards that are in the marketplace today.


FCA Guarantee on Investment


Capital secure and your returns are 100% guaranteed.


Interest on Investment up to


Get a guaranteed fixed return on your investment.


Entry From


With Monthly Paying Dividends



Increase Your Return Within a Matter of 1-3 Years.


Upto 85.000 Per Person Cover With Goverment FSCS


All Transactions Handled By FCA Regulated Banks

Follow Our Four Easy Steps

The minimum investment is £20,000 or the currency equivalent. Payments can be made in all major currencies. The interest payable is the same regardless of the currency choice. New payments are invested on the last day of each month. Capital and accrued interest is transferred to a cash account on the last day of the month at the end of the chosen savings term. Early redemption is possible at any time by giving 30-days notice, with a loss of accrued interest for the part of the capital to be withdrawn. Clients should therefore consider carefully the length

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